quinta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2011


Tribute - Suicide in Venice

This tribute to the ST was launched in July 2000 by Californian label Dwell Records. There are 11 songs by 11 bands completely unknown. The selection is very varied, the band is from Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Canada ...
Unfortunately, this young demon-possessed, praising the suicide. Music of this kind should be considered criminal, because in a moment of depression of a fan of these bands, it may feel driven to kill himself.

01.You Can’t Bring me Down – Scary German Guy
02. Institutionalized – Lesser Known
03. Possessed – Thundercore
04. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow – Black Art
05. Fascist Pig – Undertakes
06. Suicidal Failure – Shallows of the Mundane
07. Subliminal – Disarray
08. Send Me Your Money – Catch 22
09.Trip at the Brain – Fury
10. Love Vs. Loneliness – Insania
11. Pledge your Allegiance – Black Earth

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