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I am not aware of the case in its entirety, which prevents me from giving a more authoritative opinion on the case. But as my purpose here is not to criticize the police nor condemn the weakness of the suicide, but emphasized that all men in one or another moment of your life can be caught by surprise by the feeling of self-destruction. Reason why I urge all my readers to keep a positive attitude about life, not self-depressing. In some cases it takes more than a religion dop, it is necessary to seek communion with God to fill your spirit and make no gaps for the enemy in suicidal ideas inspire you. (Theologian Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

PRIEST - Police confirmed suicide

The sheriff Paul Berenguer, especially designed to investigate the death of the American Jesuit priest Ferdinand Azevedo, 72, completed the survey. According to the research paper, the priest took his own life by hanging himself inside the apartment tower, located on the beach at Janga in Paulista. The report highlights that the entire set of technical evidence and witnesses pointed to this outcome. Ferdinand was found dead on January 17.
Were heard in all, 13 people - eight are residents and employees of the building. Information realize that no one noticed the movement of outsiders into the neighborhood between 10th and January 17th, during which the priest remained in the building.
Inside the apartment, experts have noted that there was no attempt to break that all assets of the priest were in place and that there was no sign of fighting. According to the Civil Police, in a study grafotécnico two notes written in French by Ferdinand revealed a transcription of passages dating back to the expression "kingdom of heaven. "

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